My cheesy Avon story of masked depression, being underpaid & undervalued in my career, 1st time Mom transitions, and ending with my aggressive desire to give and give well…to myself and others. 

It Starts Here.

Fenty, MAC, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, ELF, Clinique: What do all of these big name brands have in common? None of them pay me to support their brand. I never imagined feeling actual guilt for buying anything other than Avon but that’s what being a business owner is about.


The things  I feel guilty buying from Target and big name retailers: mascara, foundation, setting spray, moisturizer, body oils, foot lotions, nail polish, eyeliner, lip liner, bath wash, perfume and the list goes on. 

What does this have to do with how I started selling Avon? I’ll tell you.


Have you ever searched “best home based business” or “best business to start for low investment?” Just me eh? Well the results were always disappointing when I did it.


I kept working my 9-5 and continued to go to school and at least try and grab some degrees from this life. My daughter was entering Kindergarten and I was handling things well as a single Mom but I was still exhausted, I wanted more money, and I needed more from my life. Not only for me but as a role model for my daughter. Even though I’m a girly girl and love my hair and makeup, I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. I applied for a position as a carpet cleaner and figured they made great money while I finished school. Instead, that company owner created a position for me as a Marketing Director. I had no idea how this job would change my life. 


I started marketing for the cleaning company and fell in love with something I never thought possible as someone who hated sales. I fell in love with seeing how my efforts made the company money!  I fell in love with marketing. It sounds spammy, I know. But keep reading. Along the way, I did get certified in textile mold remediation but that’s neither here nor there.


You guys, I can’t continue without mentioning how much money and new clientele I brought in for this company. Their revenue almost doubled after a little over 1 year. But I wasn’t getting a commission from it. I became a happy marketing robot and business grew. I wrote blogs, asked questions, sent emails, created newsletters, dropped off donuts, sent cards, and just plain ole relationship building. I left the company and went into account reconciliations when everyone around me was getting rewarded but me. 


I was struggling with dividing my time between my own work and school plus school and activities with my daughter. I realized I wasn’t taking good care of myself. I had health issues, my skin looked horrible, my feet looked even worse, but the house was clean and the clothes were washed. At the end of the day, I was EXHAUSTED. Maybe I did look like I cleaned carpets with my feet after all. 


Like many of us, I turned to makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and took notes on what I wanted to buy. Now… I’ve always been a big makeup geek. But I would compare it to having a fleet of cars and only driving the same one every day. That was my makeup routine. The same thing every day. I turned my focus to skin care. I was about to *cough* turn forty in a couple years and depressed wasn’t even the word.


I talk about drinking wine probably more than I actually drink it. I mean, I’m Catholic and firmly believe He drank that one time in the Good Book. Just stay with me here. One night back in 2016, I was gleefully sipping my wine and thought about my best facial features. “Hmmm” I thought. “I like my lashes, they’re naturally long and mascara makes them even prettier. I’ll buy the best mascara on the market.” This simple enough Google search took me to mascara, then to false lashes, then YouTube lighting and then I realized I was shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker. You know how it is. 


I searched for Avon products because I know they have to be great since they’ve been around so long and inexpensive. After a few add to cart buttons, my total was about $35 bucks. Somewhere on the screen, I saw it was $15 to become an Avon Rep. It didn’t take much for me to click on that and check it out. The Avon Starter kit at the time came with a mascara, Avon Skin So Soft oil, lipstick, moisturizer, toner, brochures, and I can’t remember much else because I got so excited to only be paying $15 for all that.


Hmm…I could save money and buy anything I wanted at the same time and make commission from an Avon rep. I speak a few languages and one of them is called “Dollars and Cents” or Sense depending on how you want to look at it.

Becoming an Avon Rep gave me the inspiration I needed to pursue a few other dreams and I started to take better care of myself. I taught myself how to do online marketing based on what I had learned at the cleaning company. I build websites with and without a website builder, learned online marketing jargon, and still write blogs that help others and this time, I’m doing it for ME!


I wondered were there any Avon reps that looked like me or were young and full of life and light. Another wine inspired Google search helped me not only find them but think about a way to highlight them. Thus began “Gorgeous Avon Reps” which happens to be the only spotlight on beautiful Avon Reps in the nation. If I sound a little proud of that, I really am. But Avon woke up a spirit in me that needed to give and give well. Not just to others but to my daughter as an example. I started a web design business and started recruiting to grow my Avon team. 


Over the years, my health has taken me on a roller coaster but my knowledge gained from this business has been life changing. I’m also fortunate to represent a company who stands proud against domestic violence and abuse!

I will be sending a trial Avon kit to help anyone who wants to start selling Avon for free. The kit includes an updated brochure, 3 lipstick samples, 3 skincare samples, and an Avon order book.

You can request to receive the trial kit by texting GORGEOUS TO 444999.

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  1. It’s not too late to sell Avon online and become an Avon Rep! Go to STARTAVON.COM AND use Ref Code NICOLEMAE. You will then be joining Team Gorgeous Avon Reps.

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