Loreal, Maybelline, Fenty, MAC, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, ELF, Clinique: What do all of these big name brands have in common? They’re all great, some better than others, yet none of them pay me to support their brand. I never imagined feeling actual guilt for buying anything other than Avon but that’s what being a business owner is about. Supporting your own brand.


Just a snippet from the top things I feel guilty buying from Target and big name retailers: mascara, foundation, setting spray, moisturizer, body oils, foot lotions, nail polish, eyeliner, lip liner, bath wash, perfume and the list goes on. 

What does this have to do with how I started selling Avon? I’ll tell you.


I’m someone who has searched countless times on Google for “best home based business” and “best home businesses for single moms”, or “best business to start for low investment” and every time I searched these phrases, I would be disappointed.


I kept working my 9-5 and continued to go to school and at least try and grab some degrees from this life. My daughter was entering Kindergarten and I was handling things well as a single Mom but I was still exhausted, I wanted more money, and I needed more from my life. Not only for me but as a role model for my daughter. Even though I’m a girly girl and love my hair and makeup, I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. I applied for a position as a carpet cleaner and figured they made great money while I finished school. Instead, that company owner created a position for me as a Marketing Director. I had no idea how this job would change my life. 


I started marketing for the cleaning company and fell in love with something I never thought possible as someone who hated sales. I fell in love with seeing how my efforts made the company money!  I fell in love with marketing. It sounds spammy, I know. But keep reading. Along the way, I did get certified in textile mold remediation but that’s neither here nor there.


You guys, I can’t continue without mentioning how much money and new clientele I brought in for this company. Their revenue almost doubled after a little over 1 year. But I wasn’t getting a commission from it. Business grew and all I did was ask questions, send emails and newsletters, dropped off donuts, sent cards, and just plain ole relationship building. I was shy and I definitely didn’t look like a carpet cleaner and they sure didn’t reward me like a marketing director. I left the company and went into account reconciliations. 


I was struggling with dividing my time between my own work and school plus school and activities with my daughter. I realized I wasn’t taking good care of myself. I had health issues, my skin looked horrible, my feet looked even worse, but the house was clean and the clothes were washed. But guess what? I was  EXHAUSTED. Maybe I did look like I cleaned carpets with my feet after all. 


Like many of us, I turned to makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and took notes on what I wanted to buy. Now I’ve always been a big makeup geek. But I would compare it to having a fleet of cars and only driving the same one every day. That was my makeup routine. The same thing every day. I turned my focus to skin care. I was about to *cough* turn forty in a couple years and depressed wasn’t even the word.


I talk about drinking wine probably more than I actually drink it. I mean, I’m Catholic and firmly believe He drank that one time in the Good Book. Just stay with me here. One night back in 2016, I was gleefully sipping my wine and thought about my best facial features. “Hmmm” I thought. “I like my lashes, they’re naturally long and mascara makes them even prettier. I’ll buy the best mascara on the market.” This simple enough Google search took me to mascara, then to false lashes, then YouTube lighting and then I realized I was shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker. You know how it is. 


I came up with a plan. I would search for Avon products because I know they have to be great since they’ve been around so long. After a few add to cart buttons, my total was about $35 bucks. Somewhere on the screen, I saw it was $15 to become an Avon Rep. It didn’t take much for me to click on that and check it out. The Avon Starter kit at the time came with a mascara, Avon Skin So Soft oil, lipstick, moisturizer, toner, brochures, and I can’t remember much else because I got so excited to only be paying $15 for all that.


Hmm…I could save money and buy anything I wanted at the same time and make commission from as an Avon rep. I speak a few languages and one of them is called “Dollars and Cents” or Sense depending on how you want to look at it.

Becoming an Avon Rep gave me the inspiration I needed to pursue a few other dreams and I started to take better care of myself. I taught myself how to do online marketing based on what I had learned at the cleaning company. I build websites with and without a website builder, learn online marketing jargon, and write blogs that help others but this time, I was doing it for ME!


I wondered were there any Avon reps that looked like me or were young and full of life and light. Another wine inspired Google search helped me not only find them but think about a way to highlight them. Thus began “Gorgeous Avon Reps” which happens to be the only spotlight on beautiful Avon Reps in the nation. If I sound a little proud of that, I really am. But Avon woke up a spirit in me that needed to give and give well. Not just to others but to my daughter as an example. I started a web design business and started recruiting to grow my Avon team. 


Over the years, my health has taken me on a roller coaster but my knowledge gained from this business had been life changing.

Maybe you’ve wanted to start a beauty blog but not sure where to start? Instead of waiting for big name brands to send you samples, why not start selling Avon as an Avon Brand Ambassador?  Buy your own samples and skincare, and blog about your own business and everything that makes you feel pretty. Connect with viewers like yourself and build your own brand of lifestyle blogging using your Avon.

Hi it’s me, Nicole the carpet cleaner.

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Honestly, it’s not hard to sell after 138+ years of evolving and mastering, Avon sells itself.  Start a business selling Avon online , selling quality skincare, and feel good products from a brand that you don’t have to sell very hard. It is truly the most inexpensive business opportunity available with the most rewards. The cheapest online business to start is AVON.  You will not find any other business with a startup as low as $25.  Read some ideas you may want to consider before making the decision to sell Avon online . If you answer YES to at least one of the questions later in this post, you can and will earn money selling Avon. 


What I wish I knew before I started selling Avon online. 

When you first sign up to sell Avon, the most important thing to do is focus on getting 1-2 people to sign under you (your downline). It could be your BFF, sister, brother, Aunt, Mother etc. It doesn’t matter. I wish I had known how important that was when I first started selling Avon. Once one person is in your downline, you get a promotion. And what comes next will blow you away. Avon promotes you immediately and now you’re able to receive online leads for potential online shoppers as well as others who want to join Avon. 


Is selling Avon worth it?

You’ll find that it feels so nice to buy your pretty girl things and earn commission just on your own orders. On every Avon order you put it, you’ll immediately see it. The commission is then deducted from your order or you can elect to receive it via direct deposit. Here’s a snippet of what I mean. My order was $197 and my commission was $50, so I elected to apply it to my order which brought it down to $146. 



Do you mind being honest about your life on social media? 

As an Avon Brand Ambassador, you can earn thousands if you’re willing to unveil a little personal information about your life to your audience or following. This can be in the form of a Youtube channel, snapchat, or by way of FB or Instagram live stories. Selling Avon online requires new Avon reps to connect, not sell. 

If you like blogging, you’ll make money selling Avon online only. 

Take your blogging to a new level and start getting paid using AdWords & Adsense while writing about your favorite AVON products. If you’re a makeup blogger, make videos about the Avon things you love. It will pay off nicely. Making videos about AVON products gives you a great audience for people looking to review products before buying them. Youtube is the #1 platform for anyone looking to market their products. Google loves YT also, which makes it easy to soar to the top of keyword searches.

If you’re a gift giver, you’ll earn money selling Avon. 

It’s tough to find the right gift for those who have everything. By selling Avon, I use my own inventory to gift my daughter’s teachers throughout the year and I always throw my business card in there too!


Benefits of selling Avon, and how you save money buying Avon. 

Often times AVON  Sales Reps get first dibs on popular items for more than 80% off. Lotion varieties, footwear, skin care, candles, accessories and more are always offered to Sales Reps first before customers can access the deals. It’s a pretty lavish perk when you’re Avon Ambassador and you save money at the same time. 

Do you enjoy inspiring other women, mothers, or women by helping them discover their talents?   

When you become an Avon representative, leadership is right around the corner and there will be women who look to you in order to help get their businesses started. Between answering questions, posting relative content, staying up to date on Avon news, and continuing to lead by example through your business….all of these paths to leadership are attainable as an Avon Representative. 

Do you spend more than $20 a month on beauty products? 

AVON sales reps get first hand deals on everything AVON features. With AVON, you  earn 40% off your purchases with AVON when you achieve the first goal of $150 in sales in your first or second campaign.  As your spending purchases tally upwards through the year, you become closer to expanding up the AVON leadership network. With just 5 reps under you, you’ll become AVON’s first level leader and receive 40-50% commission on your purchases,  sales, bonuses, and more. If you’re curious, the AVON Leadership levels are as follows: Unit Leader, Advanced Unit Leader, Executive Unit Leader & Senior Executive Unit Leader. 

Do you have at least 3 hours per week to work on your online business?

  • No one will ever tell you that their climb to the top wasn’t lonely. You don’t have to be a social butterfly when you sign up to sell Avon online. What is your goal  for how much extra you’d like to make per month? How much time do you have to grow your business? A little bit of organization helps, and a strong desire to not give up. AVON  is the best makeup business to start.
  • Becoming an AVON REP is submerging yourself right into the middle of a steadily evolving make up, fashion, and skincare business. Did you know that in the next decade more than 50% of people are going to be working from home in some way?
  • This is the best time to start selling Avon while the compensation plans are leaving money on the table for us to grab. Being a part of this exclusive group (membership is for current Avon reps & free) you’ll have access to the following gems that today’s Avon Reps need the most. (AVON University is a great tool also!)

What you’ll learn while selling Avon…

1. How to use as social media to market yourself in a positive and beautiful way.

2. What beauty customers care about the most.

3. How to budget earnings with personal purchases.

4. How to turn No’s into Yes’s! (Even if you’re shy)

5. How to track what AVON customers are attracted to and what products they routinely buy the most.

6. How to manage an email database.

7. How to follow up with past customers and satisfy their needs.

8. How to find potential customers.

9. How to lead others to success.

And last but not least…

10. How to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt!

All of these things I’ve listed… Are either learned on your own, with me, or through AVON training. There aren’t any other direct sales makeup and skincare companies who routinely offer training right from the convenience of your cell phone from your website back office.

More On Selling Avon Online Successfully 

Here are my Top 10 Reasons To become an AVON Rep!

1.) When you become an AVON Rep, Avon gives you access to clearance makeup and/or new products at a crazy discount. You’ll receive notification of products only available to Avon representatives at more than 80% off.

2.) If you  already have a BLOG, it’s perfect. Surprisingly, the most popular Avon blogs are those that help other Avon reps. If you can come up with a new and innovative way to market your Avon business, your blog will grow natural traffic which converts to money earned. Blogging is the quickest way to grow your Avon business.

3.) You don’t have to know much about the products to sell Avon online. Avon just celebrated 130 years in the business. You will find that most customers have worn or know someone who wears Avon. As opposed to a new brand where you would have to explain your products. With Avon, give them your brochure, url, a great deal, and follow up. 

4.) There are tons of people selling Avon online. The tips on how to grow your business are endless. Sometimes I would fall asleep with 10 windows open on my laptop. All of whom were Avon reps making a great life from their business. Remember, you receive your own free website that you can easily personalize as well.

5.) You can earn money selling Avon with or without signing anyone up. There are thousands of Avon Reps who make a sizable amount of earnings with few to no reps in their down line. (Down Line: The people who sign up under you.)

6.) It gives MUA’s (make-up artists) a second income. If you don’t have your own line of products to sell, selling Avon to your customers is even easier for you. Once they love the look you’ll create, selling AVON to your clients is going to be so easy. The proof is in the after photos!

7.) You can customize your business any way you’d like. Avon gives you the option to easily give discounts to anyone. Selling Avon online also allows you to grow your email database every time a customer places an order through your website. Avon also has an auto email campaign that sends your client list emails for you.

8.) All of the advertising is FREE after you choose your Beauty Startup Kit. This blog is free. You don’t need a custom domain (.com) in order to have a successful blog starting off. Social media pages are all free for AVON Reps. You don’t have to pay advertising costs to start selling Avon online.

9.) Use your online inventory to purchase gifts year round. Avon has products for kids, Mom,Dad, family members, friends and whoever else is deserving of your product. It’s like paying yourself commission to buy what you would normally purchase anyway.

10.) You’ll feel more beautiful. This one is personal to me. Before I started selling Avon online, I was very uninspired some days to do my makeup and accessorize my outfits. As a Mom, it’s so important to take time out for you. Order your favorites, earn money, and enjoy your private access to the best products in the world.

11.) Connect with others and share your life. 


Statistics show that in the coming years, more than 50% of the population will be working remotely from home. Avon is a way to save on what you purchase already and accumulate a second income right now.
 Are you interested in being featured as a Gorgeous Avon Rep? Tell me how you most enjoy marketing your Avon business and you could be featured –
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